About Us

GS Mengoni USA is a NYC-based amateur cycling team, having graduated more top amateur cyclists to the professional ranks than any other amateur team in the United States. The team races throughout the country from March through September, winning and placing in many pro-am races. The team is known to be internationally diverse; in recent years, it has had riders from Slovakia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Poland, Canada, and the United States. The team's title sponsor, Mr. Fred Mengoni, is a former competitive cyclist from Italy who has a keen eye for discovering tomorrow's "stars". He has been supporting amateur cycling in the U.S. since 1981, and without his incredible support the team's success would not be possible. (For more about Fred Mengoni, read this article at cyclingnews.com). Since 1991, the team has been managed by John Issendorf.
Here are some notable facts about the GS Mengoni USA cycling team:

The first GS Mengoni team was run from 1981 to 1988. During those years, Alexi Grewal, Leonard "Harvey" Nitz, Wayne Stetina, Matt Eaton and a "who's who" of the top U.S. riders rode in the Mengoni colors. They were the only team that could compete toe-to-toe with the powerful 7-Eleven cycling team.

Steve Bauer rode for GS Mengoni in 1984 when he won the silver medal at the L.A. Olympics. A month later he finished 3rd at the Pro World Championships (his first pro-only road race!). The next season, he turned pro for La Vie Claire Professional Cycling Team of France.

Mike McCarthy rode for GS Mengoni in 1992. That year he won the U.S. Pro Criterium Championships and the World Professional Pursuit Championships. The next season, he signed a pro contract for Montgomery Securities Professional Cycling Team.

George Hincapie rode for GS Mengoni from 1991 to 1993. In 1992, he went to his first Olympics while riding for GS Mengoni. The next season, he turned pro for the Motorola Professional Cycling Team.

Kevin Monahan rode for GS Mengoni in 1994. In 2002, Kevin became the U.S. Professional Criterium Champion as a member of the 7-Up Professional Cycling Team.

Juan and Oscar Pineda rode for GS Mengoni from 1995 to 1999. In 2000, they both turned pro for 7-UP Professional Cycling Team.

Adam Myerson rode for GS Mengoni in 2001 and 2002. In 2003, Adam signed for the Sportsbook.com Professional Cycling Team .

Ryan Pinkham and Ross Krause rode for GS Mengoni in 2002. In 2003, both riders signed for the Sportsbook.com Professional Cycling Team.

Neil Bezdek rode for GS Mengoni in 2009, and signed for the Mountain Khakis Professional Cycling Team in 2010.

Greg LeMond first met Mr. Mengoni when he was 16. Immediately recognizing a "star", Fred begged Greg to ride for his team. But Greg had bigger fish to fry and was already racing in Italy. Who set-up the connections in Italy? Fred Mengoni of course. LeMond turned pro when he was 19 for the Renault-Gitane Professional Cycling Team. The team leader was Bernard Hinault.

Fred Mengoni was the co-founder of U.S. Pro Cycling-the first governing body of Pro Cycling in the United States. He was the president for several years until it was grouped together with the USCF under "USA Cycling"

     Fred Mengoni was inducted into the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame in 1994 for his enormous contributions to cycling in the United States. He currently resides in New York City, where he has lived for many years. Mr. Mengoni can often be seen riding in his team kit around Central Park or on the other side of the Hudson River where the roads are more quiet.